Monday, January 31, 2011


hey N,
where do i start...or rather, where do i end?
       with the end that justifies?
is it about the process or the product? 
          or are they one and the same?
are these questions of why we do what we do the same as who we are? or why we are?
the process results in a product but the product of the process affects the process as it is in progresses thus having an effect on the product.
so where does that leave us?

these sad questions are inspired or were a two things:

thing one - a weekend at the Göteborg film festival where i saw Charlie Kaufman speak and Det är en dag imorgon också , a documentary about Roy Andersson that was followed by Roy himself giving a bit of a speech on the innate value of culture. add to the mix a showing of the short film You Are Here by director Daniel Cockburn

thing two - my current obsession over an script about a existentially depressed zompocalypse survivor who cant find a reason for existence and the process of justification for such a script that is eating my poor wee brain.

 a big fat thanks to the Göteborg Film Festival,
film induced brain damage aside it was an amazing weekend,
i am better for the pain it causes me.

here is an in utero view of a dragon fetus...why?

( was the intro to the Giff screenings by these guys.
more mind blowing creativity...just what i needed)

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