Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anticipating madness.

Hello again Nobody,

Some time ago I had few and far between but regular bouts of temporary insanity which helped me feel sane. These bouts have all but ended thus I am left with some concern. I had always felt that these were spasms of reality and emotion that my mind felt the need to release. A steam valve, if you will, to ensure that the entire system doesn't crack open, irreparably.
          Hence my concern.
            No fear.
   I feel one surfacing again. Happy day.
              To clarify and alleviate any concern on "your" part, these spasms merely consisted of uncontrollable manic laughter interspersed with gut wrenching sobbing.
 Back and forth.
    Laughter and tears.
           Sweet equilibrium.

take that cao maru...

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