Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Okay N,
Here's the scenario. 
you are a father and your kid is always alone in his room playing loud music. one day you go into his room and witness this...

apparently you have sired dj bl3nd, nicely done...yes well he is jumping around in shorts, strobe lights are flashing, in front of a video camera...oh yes and he is wearing a Chucky mask..."from Child's Play?" you ask..yes from Child's Play. 
your interruption has just ruined his set...not to mention his You Tube video...you dick.
the clip you have just ruined may have been his CLUB MIX from a couple of years ago.."the same CLUB MIX that has 42 105 619 hits?" you ask...yes that one.
WTF you may ask yourself
well here's the Fuck...
damnit i forgot...
the point wasn't that i stumbled across this little weirdo looking for hits on you tube...he found his way into my playlist because he finds great music and plays nice long sets of them back to back...so i listen to him on YouTube as background music... 
lucky for me no one reads this.
i need medication.


in the meantime i will listen to this kid. 

this is my favorite

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