Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sick of the word "occupy"...what's next.

Bad news Nobody,
Sorry to say but i am getting pretty sick of the word "occupy".
I tend to use my own feeling as a kind of gauge for what other people, who lead similar lives, are feeling and
              this is how i am starting to feel.
though I held my breath with anticipation when the murmurs of revolution reached me,
 in this place, 
and i heard them and listened for once... and i didn't change the channel.
I sighed with relief when the murmur reached america and laughed when it broke through the media blackout it met there
i felt remorse when it turned in to the media circus that it needed to become.
it is hard to understand what is really going on.
it is easy to be cynical when something hard to understand and even harder to explain.
i felt i assume others felt this too.
the commodification of this movement is the inevitability of its historical context.
it is the result of what is wrong with us
it is why i am becoming bored with the word "occupy".
it's getting old and i want something new...always.
i want something that will fill the hole in my sense of self
for a little while
until something else comes along...soon.
and i move on
some call it the acceleration of history
i call it my own participation in a culture of dissatisfaction. 
i call it my own internalization of an ideology of greed.
and i hate it about myself
so maybe others hate it about themselves too
i believe that you hate it about you.
sitting in front of the TV eating cheese doodles isn't a reward for anything
it only feels good because we don't know any better
but I do know better
you know better
we know better
like a splinter in our mind.
and waking up sucks
i expect more from myself
so you expect more from me too
and i expect more from
I am starting to expect us to do more
so maybe more people are also starting to expect us to do more
expect us?
expect us indeed.
i guess that the question in my mind...and in our mind...
is expect us to do what?
"We must be the change we wish to see in the world"
what does the occupy movement mean?
what does it mean to you?
that is what it means.

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  1. Totally Awesome. Thank you for articulating all That I feel. You are truth....