Thursday, December 1, 2011

culektiv enteligenz

Dear N via M

have you heard of the acceleration of history?
it is the idea that history is accelerating, as we speak, to the point that we have no shared cultural framework with each other even within our own lifetime. the generation gap occurs within ourselves, faster and faster. we have no points of reference to tell us where we are or what we are supposed to be doing here. 
it could be considered scary...who are we supposed to learn our morals from? but as emma says:
" I am wondering if we need to get to a place where we cannot even remotely relate to that history and we leave it behind because we have created something so radically pure and different that this place no longer exists."
my passion is literature and the terminology that many of my ideas express themselves in are pretty crazy academic interpretative theory but only because literary theory and method are merely the effort to interpret narratives or stories...they are used on literature but the methods usually grow out of philosophers and thinkers looking at the world around them and wondering Why? why did these characters (people) end up believing in the story that is their lives...
and what is changing...and what is it changing into? ad infinitum
example: modernism was a faith in man's ability to figure out life's great narratives and in doing so provide humans with a framework of how they are supposed to demanded more from people based on the narratives it discovered...then along came post modernism that questioned the idea of grand put it basically called out any concept of meaning as self negating...and the academic world fell into chaos again...
right now a theory called hyper modernism and even super modernism are being observed...the tendencies discussed aren't thought up by academic but manifest in society and the theories try to accommodate them.
accelerated history is one trend that is emerging. culture changes so fast that we don't share it with more than a few people at again no great narrative to "know" 

this hypermodenist philosopher Pierre Levy predicts a new sort of collective consciousness that will evolve out of the disconnected mental environment. 

he theorizes that a new way for ideas to form will emerge.
he compares us to Neanderthals watching the Homo apes coordinate their efforts with verbal utterances and how the mechanics of what was going on must have been well beyond their comprehension... like magic...he supposes that this collective consciousnesses, when it manifests, will be as beyond our ability to comprehend as spoken word was to our Neanderthal cousins.
so i am hoping that a greater understanding is upon us. 
not based on cultural epochs of norms or ethics based on temporally finite conditions but upon the infinite.
answers to questions that emerge from man..not from men.
i reckon that they will have a lot to do with needs of all not wants of the individual and Love.
they will be love manifest as an infinite truth and acted upon rather than merely felt. 

what was i talking about?

probably wasn't important...

oh yeah and i don't believe in individual life. just fragments of the whole (read god) going on short excursions into the loneliness of physically and psychically disconnected existence in order the enrich the whole with what it experiences during the infinitessimally brief time apart from the rest of us...god.
we come from god and return to be part of god again. 
like the water cycle but with consciousness and bodies instead of raindrops and mist. or like matter if you will...borrowed for a time then returned atom by atom to rejoin the ebb and flow of being..

identity in flux as expressed by Urban Camo artist Lui Bolin

matter is sometimes free...sometimes part of something else...but always in flux and always matter...
       no matter what else it happens to be. 

puns are fun

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