Sunday, January 11, 2009

you are what you love, not what loves you.

Adaptation written by Charlie and Donald Kaufman, directed by mr.jonze himself. where to begin?     how about with an attempted segway...

Susan Orlean: Aww, I wish I were an ant. Awww, they're so shiny.
John Laroche: You're shinier than any ant darlin'
Susan Orlean: That's the sweetest thing anybody has EVER said to me.
John Laroche: Well, I like ya', that's why.

this movie is Shakespearean.
there i said it...perhaps not as a result of that particular dialogue but it blows my frigging mind in every direction. have you seen it? watch it again and tell me i am wrong. if you haven't seen it...shame on you...
go watch it twice ...seriously.
i don't know how to put it into human beings exist that can come up with this many ideas and conceptually weave them into a coherent notion THEN actually get it down on pisses me off to be totally honest...why does he get to be the infinth monkey eh? why does kaufmans key bashing contain a coherence to boggle the are pretty.
a quick question...does linking a movies name to a download site with it's torrent get one into trouble? it's kind of like pointing out to someone who is broke that there is money in the bank if they needed some. is that aiding and abetting? go to pirate bay yourself i suppose...Hint:search after Kaufman not adaptation...
i'm just sayin'...
i want to mention the horrible font i use on my blog. in the aforementioned Adaptation we meet a character named robert mckee.. an actual person IRL who teaches seminars on story writing..he has a list of ten commandments of story writing...Kaufman breaks most of these commandments..but i noticed that on the list Kaufman's imaginary brother tapes above his workspace as inspiration, the first rule is "thou shalt respect your audience" whereas on mckees original list in his REAL book it's number Kaufman making a statement about mckee's de-prioritizing a writers respect for the audience? or am i a just strange sick little man for noticing? ANYHOO the font is hard to read for "the audience" a.k.a. you BUT i think it looks cool and apparently i don't care about you that much...or enough to sacrifice the look of my page to it's superficial can i be? that superficial. so all you readers a.k.a. no one..who think it is annoying when people use courier...well you don't exist now do you? so that's that. goes on
Oh's the preview to Charlies new mind melter.

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