Thursday, March 11, 2010


hello Nobody
i won't pretend that i can remember the best of today to tell you. it was another amazing day, it always is. i recognize this and am filled with gratitude. i can say this. listen to the Chemical Brothers. they are still awesome but that could be the nostalgia i guess that must be me. I haven't really decided what this blogg is for but the little optimist in me thinks it's for sharing. what an idiot. so to appease the little optimist here is an awesome dork blogger.dork is the right word...dweeb didn't quite suit me...i'm a dork.
      so is he.
check him out,
if you're a dork...
ladies and gentlemen,
This is the kind of dorky sharing he is into sharing.

                                      (by powerpig)

                                      *thanks jim

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