Saturday, March 13, 2010

a little bent

Morning Nobody,
     How awesome is this guy, eh? The picture below that i chose to represent Bent Objects really doesn't. (go on and read that sentence does make sense)  But hey, it's my blog so shut up. 
     i love how he manages to express emotion with a bit of bent wire. 
(via swan)

and speaking of me being amazing...i used to bend forks into little people back in my hitchhiking days... the M.O. was to steal a fork from a diner...bend it while waiting on the side of the road for a ride and then give it to whoever picked me up or inspired me during the course of whatever length of time the little creation was in my pocket. i was well into cosmic balance and bartering and flow and what the good karma of gift exchange balanced the bad i accumulated from stealing from diners and yelling obscenities at drivers who didn't pick me up...according to karmic theory anyway.
            good times.
                 and with that i think that i'll go make a little fork man.


"Fork you pal."

Man...i gotta hand it to little fork dudes...they are still pretty funny...i think maybe this one's name is Tony..
i could ask readers to vote on the offensive fork mans name in the comments but i checked my hit counter today and it is still on one...and that may well have been someone (me) votes for something else this ill mannered little fork is Tony from Jersey.
                                            Say hi Tony. 
                            Well now that wasn't very nice...
                                                      ...what a jerk.

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