Friday, March 19, 2010

infinity plus one

Dearest precious Nobody,
i discovered something interesting today and i thought that i would share it with you. 
well, you know infinity right?
well apparently you can type it, there is a key stroke for it ...who knew? it's unicode+221E
now i can type  +1...which is good.

 +1  insists upon the incomprehensibility of the infinite while liberating you with your indisputable insignificance. "Wait" you think "you can't add 1 to infinity that's dumb"...but then you realize that you can't actually comprehend infinity...that you're dumb.that we are all pretty dumb. phew...what a relief.
∞ +1 simultaneously takes you back to simpler, more ignorant times, when the incomprehensible was simply part of playground logic... when you could add one to  and the debate would continue...well that debate is underway on the new playground that in the internet where corporations are trying to put a price tag on  pieces of the is a seemingly incomprehensible, indisputable and oversimplified equation in the form of a question for todays playground.
   if       ∞ - = ∞ 
and       ∞ - 2 = 
and   ∞ - 10 = ∞ 
and   ∞ - 10 10 
find the value of x
and who gets to decide?
simpler, more ignorant times indeed.

 +1 reminds us that we ourselves are infinitely  incomprehensible and incomprehensibly ignorant...and a whole bunch of other stuff but i am getting bored.


  1. ∞ - 10^10 x = ∞

    Subtract ∞ on both sides. Then we get -10^10 x = 0, meaning that x has to be zero.

    Yay, for I have conquered infinity!

  2. x does indeed equal zero but it wont cost zero..that's for sure. thanks for your equating.