Tuesday, March 16, 2010

music everywhere

Hey Nobody,
good to see you. still loving it.
              all of it
               ...every minute.
it's because of spring i think...my juices are flowing..i can't sleep and my heart is beating it's way out of my chest ALL day. it's just that time of year i suppose. like i can hear the grass all revved up to burst out of the snow...Kiii-Ayiii!!! the beast it is restless.
Hannibal is at the gates...or wait...maybe not that.
so many interesting things have happened the last couple of days...here is one.
when i get into conversations with guys who have read The Game by Neil Strauss and think it's awesome and that the door to reality has been opened up just for them,
 i like to tell them that they have something in their teeth.
      no right there..
               no.. in the middle.
                        forget it...
                         .... it doesn't matter.
  .... i always get a kick out of that.
i'm probably just jealous...
                             of this guy
          and his shrunken little freak tree.
Diego Stocco - Music From A Bonsai from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.
                                     (via swissmiss)

       ....that is all.
              hell, what else could there be,
       the guy is dropping beats from a bonsai?
    (which i guess isn't all that high..but still)

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